Friday, November 6, 2009

To My Parents: Do not read this.

My parents are out of town, and I am housesitting for them. I've considered all kinds of pranks, but most of them just involve too much work. A few days ago, I put the question to Facebook: What kind of prank should I pull on my parents while they are out of town? Hilarious responses ensued, and I share them with you now.

-short sheet the beds.... move things around in the freezer, get a cat and leave it

-Fill up an entire room with balloons....

-N1H1 quarantine posters on the door. Chalk outline of a body in the driveway. Posters about a missing 20ft snake in the neighborhood.

-Rearrange the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom use soap to write a message on the bathroomirror so when it fogs up when they get out of the shower it looks like a ghost left them message

-lput a rubber band on the sink sprayer trigger..... my new favorite prank.

-crime scene caution tape

-Simple is better. Leave a huge garbage bag full of empty beer cans near the back door. They'll think you had a big party and forgot to remove the evidence. Ha ha!

-tell them you had the mice killed while they were gone

-Oh, Bridget . . . gotta put a 'For Sale' sign in the front yard; not only will it get the parental units, but the neighbors, too!! LOL!

-make a furniture fort out of every stick of furniture, with all of the linens from their beds and linen closet. make a fort city out of it complete with poster signs for hospital, city hall, school an jail.

another idea involves the following:
-1 or more plastic buckets.
-every single piece of cutlery and cooking utensil in the house

This last one should be self-explanatory.

-lA friend of mine took all of the labels off of all the canned food in her sister's house. No idea what your opening until you open it!

-chicken broth cubes in the shower heads... or beef brother. your choice!

-ketchup packets under little pads of the toilet seats. it's just icky and mean.

-Tell'em you're moving back home.

-Love the rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer! Improvise, do several; booby trap the whole dang place, then they'll let you have it for free!!

-Shake up all the jars of peanut butter in the pantry. That way, when they open one of them ... BOOM! peanut butter explodes all over the place.

-I like the idea of taking the labels off the can goods but can also switch labels :)

-My favorite was always to put a small pin hole in the bottom of the egg and blow out the contents - nothing like empty eggshells in the carton for breakfast on Sunday. My parents really loved it when I did that!

-Wow! I'm gonna have to write these down! I had several good ideas, but I see they've already been included :) plus some other genius ideas. Next time I'm asked to house sit for someone--will be the last :0

-When I was a kid, I used to use electrical tape to keep the kitchen sink spray nozzle thing in the "spray" position. Just point it, and as soon as someone turns on the water, they get soaked.

(Dad, I KNEW you would read it!!!)

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  1. Hehehehe, awesome! I sincerely hope you did at LEAST 3 of these things...oh by the way, my brother is Clint Allen, whom I know you are friends with on Facebook!