Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tex-Mex rules.

Today's blog comes to you from DFW, or the Dallas/Ft Worth airport. I'm on my phone, so forgive the lack of proper paragraph form.

I could eat Mexican food for every single meal and be happy. During SXSW this March in Austin, I ate a total of 34 meals, only 4 of which were something other than Mexican.

But that's what's great about Texas. It's possible to eat at 30 different Mexican food establishments and have them all be awesome.

I think my biggest complaint about Louisville Mex food is the lack of black beans. Except for
El Mundo, which is completely delicious, every place serves refried beans. Refried beans are not only icky, but they are made with lard, which is not veggie-friendly. The frozen margaritas at Sol Aztecas can make me overlook the refried beans, but then i leave hungry and bored with the mushroom quesadilla (hold the cheese) i always get. And El Mundo is awesome, but excepting lunch (the only time I eat there nowadays), there seems to always be a long wait or the kitchen is "about to close" and they won't seat my party. So that leaves me with just the one black-bean-vegetarian-friendly Mexican food place in Louisville.

Someone please tell me I'm wrong? Guide me to the secret amazing TexMex place? Lolita's would be perfect if they had black beans.

Anyway, this problem doesn't exist in Texas. Even Taco Cabana is to die for.
I've just enjoyed a most excellent breakfast in the Dallas airport, complete with black beans. FWAT has breakfast tacos. I've got 14 meals to eat here, plus maybe a few snacks. Chips-n-salsa heaven!!

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