Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reminiscing about England. Part One.

A year ago today, I arrived in Manchester, England, for a month-long tour of the United Kingdom. In Louisville, Kentucky, this morning, I woke up shivering under the blankets and listening to the BBC. It feels like England outside today. It's crisp, and things seem to have a purpose. Summertime is for frolicking aimlessly, but autumn yields brainstorming and goals.

I always liked that the Jewish New Year starts in September. It feels new. It's the time to get fresh notebooks, new accordion files, pencil sharpeners, and flip charts.

My Fall 2009 UK tour fell through, and so I'm using my new notebooks and whiteboards to plan a Spring 2010 UK tour. I miss chip butties and stone walls and trains and castles. I've also found my notebook from last fall. I didn't blog daily when I was there, but I kept a journal for the most part.

I'm going to share some of our adventures over the next few days, but I'm also going to post some of the videos we made while we were there.

This first one happened one year ago this week, and features the collapse of the US economy, my first (and only) experience with Xanax, and what happens when two middle-class musicians from Kentucky get bumped to First-Class on a trans-Atlantic flight abroad. Here is your peek into how the rich folks fly.

Starring Peter Searcy and Brigid Kaelin:

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