Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ed.

Ugh, I wrote a little "Where-I-Was-On-September-11" story for today's blog, but then I erased it. (Brief recap: I flew into Newark that morning at 8:30am and was enjoying the view of the gorgeous Manhattan skyline, awaiting a flight to London that never happened. Still mad about that canceled trip.)

Then I decided a better thing to do would be to wish Ed a Happy Birthday. Ed was Rebecca's boyfriend, and Rebecca was my cubicle-mate/BFF at CBS News, where I worked. Ed's birthday is September 11, but it's a wee bit overshadowed nowadays, for understandable reasons.

In 2001, when we were stranded at Newark, my parents and I tried to go have birthday drinks with Ed and Rebecca that evening. The bridges were closed, however, so we were stuck at some hooker motel in New Jersey, the only available rooms in town.

Ed, I hope you have a glorious birthday. I know we haven't talked in, like, eight years. Aren't y'all in Boston these days? Good move. I like it there. Tell Bex that we need to hang out soon.

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