Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Antibiotics rule.

My elbow is better. Thanks to all of you who wrote with concern. I can even play the piano again, as long as I don't attempt any ragtime. My left arm needs a little break for a while. It's still oddly swollen and hurts a wee bit, but the antibiotics are working magic. Speaking of antibiotics and their magic...

This elbow injury also led to a message from my childhood best friend whom I haven't seen in ages. She's a Registered Nurse now and doesn't live in Louisville. She had some insight into my weak elbow. Her last message to me said, in praise of antibiotics: "If this were the year 1800, this little elbow infection would/could have been the death of you."

So now I'm thinking about all the poor folks who died of an elbow infection. How horrible would that have been? I mean, they could have died of The Plague or The Consumption, you know, something romantic at least ... but an elbow infection? How do you write that on an epitaph?

Then I was imagining all the other illnesses in my life, -- there haven't been many, honestly -- and I wondered if something else would have gotten to me first. I'm 31. That's old for a few hundred years ago. I had a tooth abscess when I was 20 that might have killed me, I suppose. Although, then again, I only got it because I had my wisdom teeth removed, which I wouldn't have had done in the year 1800, so I don't think that counts. Can you die of chicken pox? I've had bronchitis a few times, but that was from playing in smoky bars, so again, I don't think I would have gotten that two hundred years ago.

I guess, if I were living in the year 1800, this elbow infection would, indeed, have been the death of me. Poor Troubador Brigid. Her elbow got the best of her.

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  1. I don't think they have them where you are going...