Thursday, August 13, 2009

Piano parts for hire...

I forgot that one of my absolute favorite things to do is session work -- i.e. playing in other people's bands, specifically putting piano or accordion parts on someone else's record. Once I was eliminated from the Nashville Star finals back in 2007, I quickly discovered that Nashville bands had much more use for me as a MUSICIAN than as a tight-jean-wearing, twangy, lead singer. I even played piano for the N-Star House Band after their grand finale. It was awesome seeing the folks who had beaten me in the competition wondering why I was on-stage playing with the band. I definitely fit in a lot more with the Nashville musicians than with the starry-eyed reality show hopefuls. They were plenty talented, of course, but I get my kicks out of playing in the band, not just singing with the band.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've worked in Nashville, and that is entirely my fault. I've had good reason to stay in Louisville, what with all the adventures I'm having here. Gas is too pricey for that 174-mile commute down I-65 once a week.

But I had a great session this morning and put piano tracks on a whole slew of tunes for a friend's record. It was a studio I'd never been in, and there was a gorgeous Yamaha piano. Easy, quick, and it sounded good. I also love that I got to play stride piano, honky tonk, and ballads.

I should do that more often.

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