Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dogsitting, Opossums, and the First Amendment.

It's been a dramatic few weeks in the Kaelin family. There was The Great Flood of '09. There's my new first-name-basis relationship with the Critter Control Guys. (I now know how to sex an opossum: the lady opossums have pouches.) I'm also moving back into my house after about two and a half years of not really living there (many a roommate and lots sleeping on futons, very bohemian, and not very glamorous). And now I'm dogsitting for two dogs whose weight totals 270 pounds. One of them is drooling on my shoulders as I type. He is that tall.

I've also been thinking a lot about my blog. It's public, and apparently I am somewhat of a "public figure." I remember discussing 1st Amendment rights and responsibilities of the "public figure" back in my pre-law days at NYU. I honestly never thought I'd be dealing with them myself. Especially because, really, I am not that well-known.

It's particularly interesting to have a widely-read public blog, when I am completely independent. I don't have a boss, so there is no one to censor or edit my comments but myself. This isn't a complaint. I love being self-employed, but I forget that others do not have the luxury that I do -- of being able to spout any and all opinions and thoughts. Often I wonder if I should say more or less.

Anyway, thanks for all the encouraging messages. My shoulder is now completely covered in drool, and I need to go check the opossum trap. Isn't my independent, public life glamorous?


  1. Can I vote for the "say what you want to say" possibility?
    On the one hand, you control what you want people to know about yourself and your thoughts/opnions . . . as much as anyone can . . .
    On the other, you've got "public influence" . . . with great power, etc.
    What am I saying . . . ? Uhm, it's your thing, do whacha wanna do?

    By the way, since the LEO listing hubbub . . . looks like a return to form is in the works! Maybe you had something to do with that, maybe you didn't . . . I'm just sayin' . . .

  2. I love your Blog, always so interesting. I just know that even though I have never met you face to face (my ex BF and his friend Nick formerly of England Winters know/knew you). I made the wrong choice to move from L.A. to Vegas, I think I would have a better time living in Louisville. Next time I am in Louisville, I aim to either get to one of your shows, or at least see if I can buy you a drink.