Monday, July 6, 2009

Review 7.6

Crazy. For the first time in months, I'm not feeling writer's block when it's time for a blog, but I realized I'm long overdue for a review. First off, I'm sticking with the site rather than MySpace. Most of you are reading on Facebook or GoogleReader or MyYahoo, so just works better.

I'll continue with some Amsterdam blogs and will eventually even finish my Tale of Millionaire's Row. But for now attend to your comments:

Mia -- We did pretty much all of that and more. It was a total blast. The Kaffe was amazing.

Joy - I wouldn't say that Elvis and I are friends, but I've got a few text message conversations that I am never going to erase. We played a show in Louisville together last summer, and we have a lot of mutual friends. He ran into one of them at Bonnaroo, and they called me. Then he invited me to the Ryman show ... our paths just keep crossing.

CD - I've never been on the balcony of the Ryman. I am almost always behind a pole on the floor. But it's still always a great show.

Dan -- OMG!! Styx?!?! That totally trumps E.C.

Tim -- Thanks for leading the folks astray with your "i took her to Paris" comment. It got everyone off my scent for a while.

Ann -- Argentina was our second choice. An excellent guess.

Robert L. -- Ha! The Appalachian Trail ... That's one thing you will NEVER catch me doing. Outdoors? Camping? For days and weeks at a time? Ick.

Sarah V -- The one time i come to your neck of the woods, and you're up in Louisville. Phooey! Can we have a farm concert at your place sometime?

Patrick -- Thanks, glad you liked the Off the Record. I was listening ot some of the old ones thinking how completely off-the-wall my choices are. Glad you enjoyed.

Laurie & Bryan -- Love the comments on LivingWithout a Car. I seriously wish that Tarc would develop racks on the front of them for Keyboards and Guitar Amps. And that they ran musician hours.

Rob F. - You would make an excellent detective! I was most definitely NOT in LA.

Sarah R - Funny, I was supposed to be playing in Mackinac Island that weekend. But that gig fell through a few months prior. Someday...

Marty -- Enjoy yourself ... love all the versions of that tune. Glad to hear I'm not alone in singing it to myself.

Leigh Ann -- you were great on the radio. sorry i missed you!

Beth -- You have no idea what your words mean to an independent musician. It's so nice to know that someone appreciates it .... not that i'm down on myself, but it's so easy to think that you're not accomplishing anything by just singing songs. Sometimes I think my time would be better spent at a soup kitchen. Thank you.

To all who loved Tim -- Thanks for reading and for keeping the music alive.

Sabrina -- We kicked ourselves in the face for not remembering to grab your address before we left. I need to have your address tattooed on my arm or something. THank you again.

John Whit - When are we playing? And why didn't you meet me in Amsterdam?

Tara - "I want to be you." You are hilarious. Come with me next time. Or let's plot something new...

Wendy -- It was such a blast. I'm still itchin' for Wales though. And cream tea.

Robert L - You're right. Our local beer is better than in Holland.

Dude -- Hope you liked your cheese.

Melissa -- Ha, you mentioned having trouble tagging people because of remembering their names. That's one of my favorite things abotu Facebook .. when someone else tags someone, and I can finally recall their name.

Lynn - I'm glad someone else thinks the "Do you remember my name" game is rude. (P.S. please eat some basil from my yard!)

Jon K- How can I forget a man in a kilt?!

Jill -- What's your name again?

Daniel - Viggo and Greta? Really? Wow, what was I thinking?

Nancy - You're right about hte nightracing going along with the decline of the industry, but it is really a hopeful comeback. I've only ever seen the track so crowded on Derby Day. It was really amazing.

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