Thursday, July 23, 2009

Masochistic Ice Cream Cravings.

I am lactose intolerant. I've always hated milk because it has always made me feel icky. Cheese, however, I completely adore despite its ill effects. It gives me migraines and pains my joints, and my head and my fingers are a wee bit important to my job. I avoid dairy as much as possible, unless I happen to find myself in a cheese shop in Holland. Or ice cream in July. Specifically my birthday week.

Ice cream is also deadly to me. I'll sacrifice myself for journalism occasionally, as in the 2007 Great Quest to Find the Best Ice Cream in Germantown. After sampling the delicacies of The Dairy Del and The Dairy Kastle, I was down with a migraine within a few hours. (That link is from Erin Keane's blog, and it's a mighty fine read for y'all Louisvillians.)

Tonight, however, I'm going to have a Tagalong™ Blizzard for dinner. I understand what could happen. My tummy will rumble and a sharp pain will ensue. I will lament about how I knew what would happen, and I will beg Friend-With-A-Truck to talk me out of whatever ice cream craving strikes me next.

But in the mean time, I will taste the deliciousness of TAGALONGS™ mixed with BLIZZARD!! Brilliant. It's a gorgeous evening in Louisville (it feels like LA minus the smog), I've got on a sundress, it's my birthday week, and I feel like skipping down Bardstown Road with a blizzard. Honk if you see me!


  1. I too am lactose intolerant, but I sure do love ice cream, but I certainly won't eat it on a date lol! Happy Belated Birthday, I'm just now catching up on your blogs.