Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kitchen 911, Brigid-style.

Wow, it's 10:30, and I'm just now getting to today's blog. This morning I loaded into a lunchtime gig at this bar where my dad works and realized that in 48 hours I have 4 gigs. I'm not even on tour right now. Please don't hate me if I haven't returned your phone call or email ... odds are I haven't listened to your voice-mail or read your message yet.

In related news, I'm still in a Try-Not-to-Eat-Out-Every-Night frame of mind. I don't like how difficult this is to maintain. I had to grab a tomato sandwich from the deli by my studio today because I just had no time to eat. And I am not a fun person to deal with when I have low blood sugar.

I'm proud of myself for creating some magic out of a barren cupboard tonight. I know this isn't a food blog, and since I am the opposite of OCD when it comes to, well, everything, my recipe will likely be completely useless to you. But here goes:

-Frozen broccoli florets (Enough to fit in the small frying pan that is the only clean dish in the house).
Cook the florets in the pan with some water until they aren't frozen anymore, but they aren't mushy either.

-Box of Whole Grain Macaroni and Cheese (Just the noodles because remember you used up the "cheese" packet to fix another batch of mac-n-cheese that time you accidentally poured that box's "cheese" packet into the boiling water, then remembered you had that weird extra Box of Macaroni and Cheese that happened to be Whole Grain, and you figured you'd never make Whole Grain Mac-n-Cheese, but you saved the actual noodles just in case there was an emergency. This is that emergency. Use those noodles.)
Boil some water and cook the macaroni until it's tender, but also not mushy. You can do that thing where you throw macaroni on the wall to see if it sticks, but mostly because it's fun to throw food.

In a separate bowl, preferably one that's sort of clean, mix together the following things found in your mostly barren cupboard:
- Peanut Butter (A couple of spoonfuls, the big soup spoons. and use creamy because it's your roommate's, and you need to save the extra crunchy in case there is a SERIOUS food emergency.)

- Some peanuts (Unless you used the Crunchy Peanut Butter. That would be redundant.)

- Rooster sauce (A squeeze or two.)

- Cilantro (Yay for the herb garden. Put as much as you can get from your garden this late in the season. My plants flowered already, so I've only got about six cilantro leaves.

- Basil (Only if you don't have enough cilantro. Which I didn't. I used one basil leaf. It was a pretty big leaf though.)

- Soy Sauce (Enough to squirt the letter "B" in the bowl.)

- A little bit of brown sugar. (Because brown sugar saves most things from tasting like crap.)

This is a fine opportunity to use a whisk! I did, and it was fun. It's also fun to say "whisk," but only if you are sure to pronounce the "wh" properly.
Whisk the peanut butter, peanuts, rooster sauce, cilantro, basil, soy sauce, and brown sugar together.

Add some hot water.
(Just a little, to thin out the sauce because you probably didn't make enough to cover the macaroni.)

Mix the macaroni, and broccoli, and peanut sauce together.

Discover there is one egg left. Scramble the egg.
(Use the same pan as you cooked the broccoli because it's mostly clean.)

Add the egg to the mixture.

I thought it was pretty yummy. Better than Kraft mac-n-cheese anyway.

Maybe I should write a cookbook.

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