Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday week!

July is my favorite month because it's always warm, sunny, tomato-filled, and full of birthdays. My birthday is Saturday. I LOVE birthdays.

As a kid, I would have summer birthday parties, but it always seemed like my friends were on vacation that week. Several of my friends are also on vacation this week, but it's not so upsetting anymore. It used to bother me that I was never in school on my birthday because I never got the chance to bring cupcakes to school like most of the kids did. Also: not so upsetting anymore.

Originally, I'd hoped that someone would whisk me away to Europe for the weekend, but I remembered that you can't sit around and wait for things to happen. Ok, so maybe it would have been a better surprise if I'd waited, but I opted to take care of that fantasy myself a few weeks ago. So with my Europe craving satiated, I'm left with a pleasant weekend in Louisville with a few of my favorite things: friends, brunch (LOVE brunch), croquet, watermelon, a cook-out, and Friend-with-a-Truck's Tequila Shots™. Yes, the shots are good enough to be trademarked.

People keep asking me what I want, but I really don't like getting presents. I mean, of course, I like presents, but I always feel guilty. I'd rather people go out to dinner or meet me in Paris than buy me a new iPod. My mom is bugging me about it, and I finally told her that what would make me really really happy is if she paid for getting the trees in my backyard all trimmed up. I'll take care of Paris if she takes care of the overgrown mulberry tree that is creeping steadily toward my roof and making tiny forests in the gutters.

That being said, I am reminded of a blog I made last winter when I was hopped up on some cold medicine. I apparently spent hours browsing and made a brilliant "Wish List Registry." So just in case any of you out there were desperately wondering what to get your favorite accordionista blogger, here's my list.

It's much better than what my friend Jen did when she was hopped up on Ambien. She ordered one of those Sally Struthers African kids, and she still pays twenty bucks a month for his "school supplies." Me, I've just got the Oxford English Dictionary on my registry.

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