Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B-R-I-G-I-D. Yes, with a "D." No Ts, no Es.

Please don't tell me I spell my name wrong. It's Gaelic, and it's ancient, and I know that's weird. Sometimes people email me -- my email is brigid@brigidkaelin.com -- and then begin the message: "Hi Bridget, how are you?" How can you type my name twice in the email and then completely butcher it during the greeting?

In Ireland, they don't misspell "Brigid." When I was there, the coolest part of the trip was being able to find my name spelled correctly on keychains and little notepads. I had never been able to buy a truck-stop nameplate before I went to Ireland.

I know my name is tricky, and I know most people aren't particularly good spellers. Really, it doesn't bother me as much as you might think. People pronounce an imaginary "T" in my name all the time, and honestly, I barely notice anymore. I'll answer to just about anything.

But lately, I've begun overly pronouncing my name when someone asks. For example, the awesome barista at Heine Brothers on Frankfort Avenue who just now took my Yummy Iced Soy Chai order and asked my first name. "Brigiddddddddd," I responded.

And when I just now picked my Yummy Iced Soy Chai drink up at the counter, I read on the cup: "iChai Soy Brigid." I am completely amazed.

And so I forgot the original topic of today's blog and instead wrote about the amazing speller barista.


  1. Having a somewhat non-standardly-spelled name too, I sympathize (although I think your name is more rare). At this point, when I go somewhere like a coffeeshop where they ask my name for such purposes, I just say "spell it how you want," because really, it pretty much all sounds the same. I do occasionally get mail addressed to "Cherrie", which I find odd.

    - Shari, TOW an A and no Y, thank you :)

  2. I can relate......with two odd names Rom (frequently called Ron or worse Ronnie) and Messenger (mispelled Messinger and often mispronounced as 'singer' rather than 'enjer'). But the terrible part as a kid was trying to explain Rom, so I usually chose not to bother...I was a shy kid anyway.