Monday, June 15, 2009

Review (6.15)

I had a productive week. Friend-with-a-Truck and Friend-who-cooks-pancakes left town for a while, which left me time to work on my house and get some errands run. It's too easy to blow off painting your dining room and go on an adventure with friends. Plus, I got to drive The Truck all weekend.

In other exciting news, Friend-with-a-Truck brought me a present back from Colorado: a t-shirt with a lone wolf howling at the moon. I walked the Cherokee Loop in it this morning, and I felt extra-powerful. Just imagine how magical I would be if there were THREE wolves!!

Review time:

Thanks for sharing your Five Songs picks ... i love reading other people's choices. I think my Off the Record will air this week on WFPK. It should be available for podcast soon.

dm- Batting gloves for sure next time. Ouch!

Troy -- THanks for the tips on Western Mass. I do need to do a Northeast tour. It's just sooooo much work planning ,promoting, etc ... i feel like i'd rather be writing right now. Ah, for a booking agent. Dreaming dreamind dreaming.

Mia -- I agree. I went with songs that were important to me.

Chelsey -- Can you create some sort of Three Wolves/Brigid Kaelin t-shirt to sell at shows? That would be amazing. Please please wear them to my next show.

Nancy -- You should totally copyright The Three Wolves.

Sondra -- Do you think they have the tiger t-shirt in babydoll style?

Rachel -- Yeah, NYU was so much fun. Greenwich Village was the best place to move after high school. If I get the urge to go back, we'll definitely be roomies.

Bina - Hi!

Nick -- I LOVE that you got recognized in NYC. What a great story.

Jon -- I forgot to put my stuff out for junk week, and they came first thing this morning. Shelving will have to wait until September:(

James -- Awwwwwwwwww, thanks. But i look especially good in a truck.

Derek -- Mini-vacations ... the perfect way to think of Nashville studio trips. And also dangerous. It's too easy to have too much fun down there. I can't wait!

Joel - Sorry you didn't get tickets. I did. Tee hee ... but not from Grimey's .... from EC!! Maybe I'll be at Fraze too, who knows.



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