Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Name Retrieval is a Difficult Game.

Someone said something to me a few weeks ago about how I'll just accept anyone as a friend on Facebook. I said they were right, for the most part, and I rarely ever deny anyone. I felt kind of bad about that and though that maybe I should be more discerning.

But since then, I've been watching my page, and I'm amazed by how many of you I really do know. I think maybe that's what happens when you go out pretty much every night and have lived in a few different cities.

It also makes me feel horrible that I've become bad at names lately. For the most part, I know when I've met someone before, but I am really really really terrible at names. I'm good with numbers, however, and it's more likely that I remember your birthday or your phone number than your name and where we met.

All day Saturday, it was bugging me that I'd forgotten someone's birthday. Then I realized it was Carrie-from-sixth-grade's birthday, whom I hadn't seen in years. All day Sunday, at the Tim Krekel Funeral Celebration, I ran into people in the Louisville music scene whose name I just couldn't retrieve. I felt like such a jackass.

I also really really dislike it when people approach me with a grin and the question, "Do you remember my name?" Then, even if I know your name, I'm hesitant to just guess.

Also, sometimes we met at 3 am while I was four bourbons into the after-show and I was trying to load my 100-pound keyboard into my Volvo and you didn't even bother to help. Sorry I forgot your name. I really do feel horrible about it, though something tells me I'm being too hard on myself.

Happy birthday, Carrie-from-sixth-grade.

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