Friday, June 12, 2009

Drunk with Truck Power and the possibility of Junk.

It still amazes me that people are reading this. I like the transition to Blogspot (it's for all of you reading this through the RSS feed on Facebook) because Blogspot never randomly deletes a post before I'm finished typing it. I went through a lot of shouting matches with MySpace because of that.

I haven't slept much. I got up at 4:30 am yesterday to take Friend-with-a-Truck to the airport. This was worth the early wake-up call because I am now Brigid-with-a-Truck. The first thing I did yesterday morning was go to Lowes. It was like some bizarro impulse: Have-Truck-Must-Purchase-Long-Items-Like-Mops-and-2x4s-and-Patio-Furniture.

But even more exciting is that my Weekend With a Truck coincides with: JUNK WEEK! What is Junk Week, you may ask? In other cities, it's known as Big Trash Week. It's when you are allowed to put anything you want out on your curb, and the big garbage trucks come around and haul it away. Broken swing sets, ugly tables, your ex's orange plaid recliner, old TV's .... anything you can haul out there will be hauled away for you.

I live in the Highlands, where a lot of rich people also live. Such people are often too lazy to take things to Goodwill, so they put out perfectly good items during Junk Week. It's the perfect week to lurk down alleys in search of treasure .... and thus, the PERFECT week to have a truck.

The Hammond B3 organ now living in Peter Searcy's studio was a Junk Week find. I found a great table a few years ago and my friend got a cool vintage bar. Last Junk Day, I was guilty of throwing out a set of storm windows, shutters, and stereo speakers, all of which were scavenged long before the Garbage Truck arrived.

So I'm off to lurk slowly down your street. If you've got any old accordions or baker's racks, please put them out between 11-noon. I will be in the Silver Toyota Tundra.

If you'd like any broken lawn tools, chairs, or shelving, please swing by my house Saturday afternoon.


  1. I miss Big Trash Day. I don't think we have it in my town, but I have such fond memories of the places I've lived that did have it.

    mmmm... big trash.

  2. I wish that we had Big Trash Day here. The unfortunate thing would be...probably it would all be real trash and few treasures, unless someone was throwing out their DIY meth lab or something. That would be a treasure to someone.
    The locals lack refined taste and glamour.