Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cooking for Engineers

Friend-who-cooks-Pancakes is a licensed engineer. He works in non-profit now, however, because of bourgeois guilt. This does not stop him from having an engineer mind. He is currently driving me crazy. Currently, as in right now.

He is sitting next to me in our office (we share a cubicle, which is actually not a cubicle, but a couch with several laptops available) and acting all literal, not inferring anything. This conversation just happened:

(scene: We are both getting some work done, while awaiting the arrival of Dirty Yoga teacher this morning. The afternoon is open.)

Me: What's the movie situation this afternoon?

FWCP: What do you mean?

Me: You know, the movies.

FWCP: The movie situation in the entire world? What are you talking about?

Me: Why are you being difficult?

FWCP: Well, you could mean anything. The movies in the world? Movies we could go to see? Movies we could watch at my house? Movies we could make?

Me: FWCP, you seriously have no idea what I'm talking about? You are absolutely clueless? You can't extrapolate the tiniest idea of what I could be thinking?

FWCP: I don't extrapolate.

Me: Engineer.

FWCP: Sorry, I don't extrapolate.

Me: You would make a terrible detective.

FWCP: I would make a great detective.

Me: You would be the worse detective ever. I'm gonna write a blog about

FWCP: Ha ha, that's funny.

Me: So, the movies?

Anyway, look at It's the most literal cooking website ever. For those annoying engineers minds who ask questions about EVERYTHING instead of just pausing to figure out what it might mean.

There, I wasn't too mean, right FWCP? The ladies still like you here. I mean, I revealed that not only do you cook pancakes, own a smart car, live near a bar, are my BFF, go on adventures, do yoga, but you're also a freakin' engineer. Ladies, he's single! (Just make sure you're verrrrrrry clear when you speak to him.)


  1. Thanks for the website. As an engineer who likes to cook, it is fantastic. So many new recipes to try.

  2. He fixed my wireless last night.

    I mean that in the most literal way possible.