Monday, May 11, 2009

Two-Week Review

Hello all. Thanks for the well-wishes. Mom's still in the hopsital, but she's doing better. I'm so glad y'all enjoyed my crazy reviews of the crazy parites. Makes me want to keep writing.
We've got a lot to review today, so onward.

Teresa - That is really sad. Memories of your folks ... reminds me of that John Prine/Steve Goodman song "Souvenirs." One of my favorites.

Mia - I wish Churchill Downs would get a sports book. We can't gamble here unless you're at the track or an OTB.

Bard - I knew you were there early in the evening, but I didn't know you were STILL there during the singalong, lurking surreptitiously in the next room. Come over and sing along next time.

All -- for the record, the bourbon in Derby Pie cooks away, so you can have it if you're under 21 or don't drink. You can't get drunk off it, not even a buzz.

Jonathan -- I totally should have cruised Broadway in the truck.

Cari -- I like your three-automobile theory. I've always had a thing for motorcycles, but mostly because they terrify me. Also because i grew up at a biker bar.

Arlene -- 18-wheeler? My keybaord would definitely fit in one of those. We used to have a CB radio in our old Gremlin. I bet it's still in my parents' basement. The CB, not the Gremlin.

Johnny T - Thanks for the incentive to blog ... i was wondering if anyone missed me:) And, by the way, my band can indeed play that show on June 27.

Mia - I think most of the locals don't care about Derby Day at the track. A party is much more fun. Honestly, even Millionaire's Row was great, a party would have been just as much fun.though

Denny -- Ha, ha, sure you can hang out with me. If you can find me, hee hee. Thanks for the well-wishes about Mom.

Liz - I sang "Whisky in the Faucet" and "Future Mr. Used-to-Be." Then I yodeled "Cowboy Sweetheart" and belted "Dancing Queen." All crowd-pleasers. At least they seemed pleased.

Christi & Megan - I know .. can't believe it's been a year. I got kind of excited reading it again too.

Mia, Johnny T, Teresa -- Yeah, there were shoes flying from every direction. No idea where they came from. Other drunks, I suppose. Or maybe the passed-out folks on the ground woke up barefoot.

Jim -- thanks, and what a sweet sentiment. It's a shame that the hospitals are run by these massive corporations. They are so bland. But then, I guess it's good they can afford teh fancy machinery that makes our mothers get better.

Mia -- Yeah, such a bizarro selection of magazines. Horrible about the wheelchair story.

Bob -- Thank you so much. I think you're exactly right. Good to hear from you.

Trees - What a brilliant idea! I'm going to plan some top secret random acts of kindness.

Johnny T - Ten points on the Canadian Maple Leaf. Ok, ok, I googled it.

Paul M - Thanks ... i eagerly anticipate an extra big hug when I see you next:) Beth looked great last week. Glad everyone's feeling better.

Paul C - Your vegetable garden looks scrumptious.

Kenny - I wanted a trampoline AND a balance beam. I was so deprived.

Mia -- Ugh, I don't like family dramas and people not talking to each other. Sorry to hear about yours! Hope you don't see a hospital for a looooong loooong time.

Okay, i'm signing off. Mom's having a renal ultra-sound. They are putting on the goopy jelly now. Weird ... i'm about to see some kidneys!



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