Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Craigslist Missed Connection.

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Now for today's blog.

I am mildly obsessed with reading the Craigslist Missed Connections. I know that many of you probably are as well, and I also suspect you secretly hope that someone is looking for you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, have a look at your city's Missed Connection List: Here is Louisville's.

There is debate over the actual function of the MC site, but generally it's used for when you are looking for someone you saw fleetingly and have no other way to contact them. Perhaps it was that jackass who cut you off at the intersection of Eastern Parkway or Bardstown Road. Maybe it was the man sitting across the coffeeshop from you as you typed yesterday's blog. You get the idea.

Anyway, I read them, more for the amusement factor than anything. There was this several-month-long back-and-forth public forum about a guy stalking a girl with pink hair at Highland Coffee. It was funny, mostly because the guy was probably harmless, but voyeurs took it to a new level.

I doubt I'll ever see myself in the Missed Connections because I'm pretty easy to find. But I've wanted to post one here and there, mostly because I think it would be fun.

A few weeks ago, I left a coffee cup on my car roof as I was driving off and a nice biker waved wildly to me and gestured for me to look on the roof. Thanks, nice biker by Keith's Hardware!

This weekend in Chicago, I really really wanted to post one though.

It would read:

95th Floor of the Hancock Building, Women's Bathroom, Leggings and a Diamond Ring. (Chicago W-for-W)

You were there by the sink, and you looked like you'd been crying. I was the redhead in the white dress washing my hands. Then I noticed that tasteful sparkly diamond ring on your left hand, and I asked you if you'd just gotten it. You exhaled, smiled hugely, and said in a lovely English accent, "He just proposed! I've been dying to tell someone."

You were flustered and said you'd been here with him three times before, but the proposal was a complete surprise. If you'd suspected anything, you said, you would have straightened your hair and worn something besides leggings and a cardigan. I thought you looked great, and you were positively glowing.

I gave you a hug and told you to call your parents. You said you couldn't because they lived in England, and it was 3 am there. I think they would have forgiven you the wake-up call.

Anyway, congratulations, and I thought you looked radiant, as did your fiancé. I also wondered where you live in England because I'm planning a tour there in the fall. Maybe I'll be in your area and I can buy you a congratulatory cocktail. Actually, I wanted to buy your entire meal on Friday because you just looked so happy. Had we been at a normal restaurant -- and not the Signature Room -- I would have at least sent over a bottle of champagne.

I hope you called your folks. Maybe see you in England?

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