Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Review (5.18)

Yes, I skipped yesterday. I think it's probably a good thing I never missed a day of school. Once the pressure is off to not have perfect attendance in Blog, it's much easier to skip another day here and there. I would probably have missed a lot of school. Anyway, I had such a perfect weekend, I didn't feel like running to a place with internet in order to do the Week-in-Review. I preferred my lazy, sleepy, lovely Sunday.

Thanks for the thoughts, messages, and prayers (prayer cards unnecessary) for my mom this week. They worked; she's home recovering now.

To those confused about Book-It!™, it refers to a program we participated in as kids in the 1980's where Pizza Hut offered free piza to kids who read lots of books. We're all trying to read more and give ourselves points based on our readings. 2 points per book, in general.

A few topics to cover:

- Friend-Who-Cooks-Pancakes was not entirely Evil-Brother in the hospital. I created a Mother's Day card in Microsoft Paint on the hospital room computer ... and FWCP saved the card to his jump drive and emailed it to mel, so it could be saved for posterity. That was nice, I guess.

Cari -- I always wonder whether I should refer to the original coment or make my readers guess/try-to-remember what their original comment was about. Ha ha, you'll have to figure out this week's as well.

Mia -- Glad you didn't have to get your Last Rites. Then we wouldn't be enjoying your insightful comments:) And thank you forfinding out about "Alabaster." I had completely forgotten to find out what 37 called for Now where the helldo I find alabaster? I only know that word from fairy tales ... like Snow White had alabaster skin.

Left in the Woods -- Good to hear from you! Glad you're well. I need to head down I-65 soon. It's been a while.

Cari - Book recommendations are ALWAYS welcome during my blogs.

Dad -- I think you have more points than that. Several of those books are tomes, and tomes are worth at least 3 points. But even without weighting the Booki-It!™ GPA, you are surely far ahead of the rest of us.

Alex - I anxiously await my copy of HNTSH. You are hilarious.

Teresa - I know, right? I keep telling FWCPancakes that I think it's his nice-Guy thing that is keeping him in the friend zone. He needs to don a leather jacket or start being mean to puppies. Or maybe stop hanging out with me so people will stop thinking we're dating. (Ladies: He's single!)

Bard - Ha ha. I keep looking for the etymology of "pushing one's buttons," but can't find it online. Must consult my books at home. If I'm ever home.

Maybe I'll run by my house now and water my garden. My radishes are waaaaay overripe.

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