Saturday, May 30, 2009

I do not deserve this.

I behaved myself last night at the Monkey Wrench show. I was on ice water until 9:00, all through soundcheck and dinner. I had three bourbons over the next four hours, and I sang for 90 minutes. I sweat it out onstage.

Then, I drank half of someone's nasty fruity grosso-tini.

And I have been in cloudy headache land all day. I wasn't even slightly drunk last night, so why the hangover?

Totally undeserved.

I thought I'd teach a little lesson about whisky versus whiskey today.

It's okay to spell it without the "e." The Scottish whisky makers (yes, scotch) don't spell it with an "e." That's why Maker's Mark Whisky has no E. But Jim Beam does. Maker's Mark's developers were descended from Scotland.

I was drinking Knob Creek last night. That is whiskey.

Ok, lesson learned. Back to bed.


  1. Maybe it was the mixture of different kinds of alcohol?

  2. I think you are absolutely right.

  3. I know of two ways to head off the dreaded hangover. First of course is to avoid alcohol altogether, this has always worked for me. The second is to drink a large glass of water upon retiring for the evening (or morning as the case may be). This averted the curse for me during my imbibing (or over imbibing) years.
    Let me know how it works for you.