Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hospital thoughts

I might cop out early now because I'm in the family/guest room at the hospital. Mom had surgery on Wednesday, and she's still here. No sympathy seeking here, I just don't really feel funny or clever. Hospitals could be way more fun if they tried. Like this room... all it's got is a Coke machine and a bunch of terrrible health magaZines. And signs that tell you to wash your hands and remind others to wash their hands too. Why not have Trivial Pursuit or Risk available? Or a deck of cards? Or Internet? Or an EZBake Oven? At least tonight's nurses are nice and caring.. The first night they left me off the HIPPA form accidentally (though I was there when Mom gave them my name), and evil amazon nurse refused to tell me anything. It took ten minutes to convince her just to ask Mom for verbal consent. Then she just ignored us the rest of the night. Anyway, I'm tired and that's my excuse for not being the best blogger today. I promise I've got more millionaires row stories in me.

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