Thursday, May 28, 2009

David Mead on Friday.
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I seem to be playing Louisville about once a month at the most. It's not really enough for me. I want to play more often, but Louisville audiences have this bizarro attitude about bands. People still seem to think I play Air Devils Inn every week, when I've only played there once in the past two years. I haven't had a weekly gig there since 2004. Maybe we have mass dementia, but audiences in this town get spoiled by thinking they can see any artist whenever they want.

I've got an agenda when it comes to playing in Louisville. I like to play shows with artists I want to hear and see live. I'm working on a master list of my favorite artists, and musicians I think other people should hear.

It's like I've got two titles: performer and show promoter.

Tomorrow, I'm playing with David Mead at the Monkey Wrench. Yes, I play the Monkey Wrench a lot, and yes, it's not the best venue in the world. (I blame the audience because they tend to talk too much there. At tomorrow's show, I'm aiming to have a more Listening Room-type atmosphere. If you want to hang and talk with your friends, please consider going up to the fantastic rooftop.) But Dennie, the owner, is incredibly passionate about music and artists and songwriters and is just about the most supportive bar owner in this town -- right up there with Ken and Sheila Pyle of the Rudyard Kipling. Other bar owners have their eyes focused on what cover band can bring in the most drunks. Dennie is on the side of the artist, and I love to support an attitude like that.

Anyway ... David Mead lives in Nashville, and you've heard me write about him before. He's had major record deals and multiple records. His most recent release, Almost and Always, is a beautiful album with songs that remind me of old standards.

David's voice is saccharine and soaring and his melodies remind me of Paul McCartney's -- simple, but catchy and beautiful. He's one of the few artists in music history -- yes, I said music history -- who manage to combine great melodies with perfect lyrics. And he can sing. And he's a redhead.

Showtime is 9:00 pm on Friday, May 29. The Monkey Wrench has food and drink. Ask your friends to keep quiet so they can hear. Admission is seven dollars. It will be totally worth it.


  1. Have a wonderful show. I wish I was going to be going. Saturday my band is playing out, but I'm sure you would consider us one of those crappy cover bands that bring in the drunks lol.
    We do covers, but not the same hack everyone else is doing. I do so hate it when everyone is talking during your performance. People are rude!

  2. ha -- no, i secretly love some cover bands. my drummer is in the best cover band in louisville (nervous melvin), and i love going to hear his band.

    It just annoys me when bar owners ONLY book cover bands and think original musicians can't bring in people who buy drinks.

    i'm glad you're following me here, Mia ... was afraid that i'd lose my favorite commenters!

  3. You make me want to live in Louisville....