Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday Review (4.5)

I'm reading a funny book right now called Grammar Snobs are Great Big Meanies. From it, I've determined I'm not really a grammar snob, as I do not delight

in other people's misuse of past participles. I am a "grammar geek."
Friend-who-cooks-pancakes might be a grammar snob. Truly, however, I
don't think he delights in the mistakes of others. I think he just
wishes people could understand apostrophes. It's like wishing the
Israelis and Palestinians would stop fighting.

Anyway, on to our Sunday Review. It's been a good week in blog views and comments, so there is much to cover:

I would LOVE to receive a packet of vegemite, Wayne. I think maybe
I'll experiment and do an entire blog based on "What an American can do
with Vegemite." Please please send me some: Brigid Kaelin/Red
Accordion Records/PO Box 4005/Louisville, KY 40204.

* Allison:
mustaches? I'm not sure if I would look good in them, but I think
Peter would love them. He sported a real Freddie Mercury one during
our show at the Hard Rock.

* Cari: Mexico, ah, that's the
secret. My health insurance doesn't cover anything, so I think I'd be
heading to Mexico as well.

* Liz, I discovered a delicious
vegan mozzarella brand at Whole Foods. So maybe I just need to grow
soy. Then I can duplicate the recipe and have my own caprese salad

* All that sunlight and warmth, Mia, and you can't grow
anything but cacti. Ick. I brought a cactus back from Austin, but it
doesn't like the humidity here at all. As for a backyard, I've been
thinking about just pouring gravel or peastone all over mine. Nothing
grows there because of tree coverage, and I'm tired of the mud and
hostas. Boring. Your pool sounds dreamy though. I may come visit.

Yeah, I still can't believe the government wants us to report barters,
just so they can take a percentage. Even in this economy, how can they
live with themselves? I give you a piano lesson, and you fix my
doorknob. Why do I give the government $10?

Christi-who-goes-camping and Liz-who-is-everywhere ... where does one
camp in Alabama? and when do we leave? But I'd rather backpack across
Europe than through the woods. Unless the woods were in Germany, with
all those cool castles.

* Seriously, Arlene. I mean the consumption is a romantic way to go, but usually for a soprano -- not a lawman.

* I think eating carrots is much preferable to smoking cigarettes, whether you're at Red River Gorge or Seidenfaden's.

* Courtney, yes, I had no idea the void in my life that had been Tombstone. Anything else I'm missing? Fill me in.

* Teresa ... hmmmm, Val Kilmer and a Shannon Lawson soundtrack. Nice. Camping doesn't sound so bad.

Ha ha ... Paris without bathing. I'd take that any day over camping. I
think. I've never been camping, like I said, so perhaps I should
withhold judgment.

* Ah ... the guest blog by
Friend-Who-Cooks-Pancakes. I should perhaps let him address theses, but
he is embarassed by his lie/lay mistake. To his credit, he asked me to
proofread his blog before he posted it. I, however, stopped reading
about halfway through, and just hit "post." Sorry, my Pancake cookin'
friend. I would have caught that for ya'.

* Mia, if you find a good Craigslist rants-n-raves, please please share.

* Thanks for supporting me and my plantin', Jim. More to sow.

* Allison, I owe you a paragraph still. Maybe I'll do a whole blog about you someday.

Good times. Off to brunch now.


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