Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Review (4.26)

Wow ... lots to review this week. Adult-Book-It is off and running. Please note that we're not reading Adult books, it's just that we readers happen to be grownups. Thanks to you who have emailed me your readings. I'm impressed, but I still think my dad is going to destroy us all.

Maybe we're missing the spiritual point of yoga, but at least I can touch my toes with my palms now.

The Derby festival is rockin' this week. Art fairs, fireworks, bed races, balloon races, and general merriment has taken over.

Saturday was my 3/4 birthday, so you have only 3 months left to go to my Wish list and purchase the Oxford English Dictionary for me.

Now for review:

Mia -- Derby Pie recipe to follow. I swear.

Karen -- thanks for sharing that video. it was a fun time singing at that fancy library. I still can't believe Rob learned that duet either. Too cool.

Beth - I know the feeling. My favorite part about graduating from college was being able to read whatever I wanted without feeling guilty. You can still count schoolbooks though if you want:)

Paul -- Brilliant idea on the Good Reads front. I signed back on to GoodReads after a several-month hiatus. We should start our Book-It group there. (Join us, everyone!)

Teresa -- EEEk!! Everything in a fire? That is horrible. What do you miss the most?

Trees -- did you get the iTouch? It's worth coveting. Don't know where I was before my iPhone.

Bard -- You're right about things being dispoable nowadays. Especially things like printers. But ipods aren't disposable if you aren't a dumbass and don't drop them on the ground and break them. It's unfixable, or I would certainlny have it fixed.

Arlene -- "Cyrin Over Material Things" ... i'll work on that...

Rainbow Mud -- i have missed you!! Thought of you and Manuel. I'm going to create some sparkly cowboy boots for a party this week ... can't afford a Manuel pair.

Su & meredith -- drop by FWCPancakes's house on Thursdays at 11:45 ... on hot days, we'll go for hot yoga.

BSM -- I love using "legendary" to describe things. Also, "comic genius". I think you are both.

Bard -- I didn't realize you were at the Wrench for the whole singalong. Hope we didn't interfere with the zen of open mic night.

Mia -- Yes, come to louisville .. we'll hit the Monkey Wrench together.

Happy Derby Week EVERYONE!!


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