Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Revew (4.12)

It is Easter Sunday, and I am risen! Feeling better. I'm still mad about the Matzoh Ball Soup Incident (sort of like the Spaghetti Incident, but with less head-banging), but I'll get over it.

Thanks for all the tips on how to deal with roommates and note-writing. The general consensus is that, yes, there is no way to convey a message without sounding passive aggressive or anal. Oh well.

*Liz-who-is-everywhere ... just meant that whenever I go out, I always run into you. Which means you must be ubiquitious. Ubiquitous Liz has a better ring to it though, so maybe I'll use that. Or U.L. for short.

* Dallas, that is brilliant. I never even thought that maybe writing a song about someone might be the most passive aggressive move ever. Wow. I am a butthead. We all are, I guess.

* Tom if i ever make it to Devon, I'd love to have tea with your friend.

* Christi -- i love your Google genius. Tea time, here I come. And Marty , I had no idea that Dolfinger's did that. Follow-up to follow.

* Sally ... pure brilliance! A 5am house meeting about proper care of cookware. Then I would surely be searching for new roommates.

* Tom, surely you're not that boring!

* Bard. " Different people react differently to different things, I suppose." So wise. So wise.

* Chris, congrats on the giving-up-of-alcohol. Has it really been that long since I've seen you out and about? I know I was hibernating. But still. And yes, both Benedryl and apparently those OTC sleeping pills knock me out completely.

* Accordion folders are a must-have for any self-employed person, but especially an accordionista.

* Trees, let me know if you find anything new and good at OfficeMax. I'm always hunting. My newest find is: the Sharpie Pen ... with no bleed-through. It's awesome.

* "Office Supply" perfume -- brilliance! Much better than "new car smell" or "buttered popcorn."

* Baseball and brats ... reminds me of my everlasting quest to find the best veggie-brat. Yves has a pretty good one, but I'm still searching...

* Mia, thanks for the sympathy. Hope your mom is feeling better.
Sometimes those delayed family celebrations are even better. We did
Thanksgiving a week late this year ... delicious and no pressure.

* Yes, Teresa, Friend-who-cooks-pancakes is a good one. (Ladies, he's single!)

Hope Easter/Passover/Pagan Celebration was fun for you all.


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