Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shiny new staplers and hole punches.

I love office supplies.

For some reason, I find it impossible to begin my taxes without first visiting the office supply store and picking up a new hole-punch (why can I NEVER find my hole punch??? I have purchased/been given at least six in the past four years. Hmpf.), several folders, a massive binder, clear dividers with pockets, and a variety of Post-its™ and paper clips. Then, and only then, can the receipt organization begin.

Every year I also say I'm going to be great about receipts. I'm going to pile them up the day my bank statement comes and staple them directly to the statement, each receipt perfectly labeled with the business reason and subdivided into tax-deductible categories.

Why is April always so torturous? I've got a great system; I just don't use it.

Anyway, I kind of miss -- only kind of -- the few years where I worked at CBS News. We had the most amazing office supply drawers, full of Post-its™ and spiral notebooks and fancy tape dispensers and Pilot™ pens (I just discovered with the "™" button is on my iBook™: hold down "option" and press "2" simultaneously. cool!™). A friend of mine just last week even found lanyards and badge-holders in his office supply closet, so we could make our very own VIP passes.

I want to have an Office supply closet at my house. What would I keep there? Lots of Sharpies™, as any good rock star should have. Gold markers with which to sign my new CD, as black ink doesn't show up on them. I also like those Post-it™ Flags -- you know the ones that are sort of like tiny pieces of Scotch™ tape with a colored tag on the end. So useful for filing. I think I'd also need oodles of #2 pencils and a serious Boston™ pencil sharpener. I also want one of those massive packs of Sharpies™ with all the different colors. And binder clips. And accordion folders for filing all those stupid stupid receipts.

Ok, enough procrastinating. Supplies purchased. Back to filing.

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