Friday, April 10, 2009

My Baseball Blog.

If you're a reader of Rob-from-the-Muckrakers's blog, then you might noticed a high percentage of blogs about baseball. He loves baseball. I do not.

The first words I ever strung together, however, were, "Go Cubs Go," a result of my parents' leaving me with a baseball fanatic babysitter a few times too many. I also remember going to Redbirds games with my grandpa many a time.

Really, I can't stand watching baseball on TV, but I really like going to the games.

Last night was opening night for Louisville's Triple A team, the Louisville Bats (Louisville Sluggers™ would have been better, but it was copyrighted already.) It was a beautiful afternoon, followed by a warm, but rainy night.
I met a bunch of friends there around 6 because it was $1 beer night. Never have I seen so many people double-fisting beers. I don't even know why I drank beer; I don't care for it. I can't resist a bargain though, even when someone else is buying it for me.

I knew when the game started because someone sang "The Star-Spangled Banner." Then I went back to my nachos and socializing around picnic tables. Looking around, I saw mostly empty seats, but tons and tons and tons of people milling about by the food and drink stands.

It made me feel rather sorry for those Louisville Bats. It was kind of like when you're just starting to play music for a living, and you have to play crappy bars to a bunch of dudes in white hats and girls in uni-sleeves who are doing shots off each other's anatomy, and the only time they pay attention is when you play a verse of "Brown Eyed Girl" or "American Pie." The Major Leagues must be comparable to listening venues or Headliners.

I figured maybe a thousand people were there for the game, and five thousand there for the beer, until I heard a large mass of people simultaneously cheer and start applauding. I looked up to see what exciting play had been made.

Then I saw a guy in a white hat get up from having fallen on a large puddle of water. They were cheering because he had slipped and completely wiped out, but had somehow managed not to spill a single drop of his beer.

Off to tax land again.

P.S. No offense to men who own white hats. I mean, some of my best friends wear white hats:)

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