Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Derby Week: Tuesday .. Pie and Rain

Apparently, I missed all the excitement yesterday morning at the track. Right after we left, a horse went berserk, threw his jockey, and ran barreling into a filly down the stretch. Both horses fell over, and the filly died of shock.

I'm glad I wasn't there. It makes me sad when horses die. Last year's Derby was heartbreaking, and I'm looking for smiles and hoorays this year. Which leads me to today's blog: DERBY PIE!

Interesting fact about me: Yes, I am about to boast. But as Muhammad Ali (aslo a Louisvillians) said, "It ain't braggin' if it's true." I am the reigning CBS News Bakemaster. Yep, we had a production team bake-off back when I used to produce documentaries. And in the 4th round in, I was named The Bakemaster. The following recipe was used to slay the competition in Round One of the Bracket.

My version is vegetarian, so I leave out the ground horse meat.

Brigid's Chocolate Pecan Bourbonlicious Pie, complete with commentary:

1 Pie Crust. Either make your own, or go to the Cool Whip section and buy one of those pre-made pie crusts that come in their own little tin. Check to make sure it's not made with lard because I think lard is gross.

1 stick of butter, melted and cooled. I think salted butter makes a better pie.
2 eggs. Buy local.
Beat the eggs with the cooled butter.

1 cup of sugar.
1/2 cup flour OR 1/4 cup corn starch, whichever you have lying around the house.
Add the sugar and flour/cornstarch to the eggs/butter mixture. Mix well.

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (I sometimes put in more when I'm craving chocolate)
1 cup chopped pecans
2 TBSP Bourbon. I like cookin' with Maker's Mark. It's not so expensive that you feel guilty using it in a pie, but it still tastes good.
Stir the chocolate, pecans, and bourbon into the mixture.
Pour into pie crust and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, or until set.

Also, something you should know about me is that I never actually measure anything. Measuring is for carpenters, not bakers. Feel free to use more or less. Whatever works for you.

If you've got a heavy hand, like I do, and you put in a little more bourbon than 2 TBSP, like I do, then you might need to add a little more flour or corn starch to the pie filling. It shouldn't look like soup when you pour it into the dish.

It's raining today, and my Volvo is in the shop. I'm borrowing Friend-with-a-Smart-Car's wee little car to run some errands. If you see me, say hello!

Ooh ooh, and make plans to come to the MONKEY WRENCH on Thursday to hear me play a set on my own, and then play a set with SHANNON LAWSON. He's good.


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