Thursday, April 30, 2009

Derby Week: Thursday. Revealing my secret Derby plans

I went back to Churchill Downs this morning to watch more horsies train. Kyle joined me this time, and we meandered around the media center, enjoying free Krispy Kremes and saying hello to loads of industry friends of ours, mostly photographers and DJs.

After a brief stop at Wagner's Deli (the backside one, not the one on 4th street), we walked back to find a huge group of photographers and gawkers staring at one particular horse: Rachel Alexandra. She's the favorite in the Oaks Race. The Oaks is Friday's big race, and it is almost as big as the Kentucky Derby. Although fillies (girl horses) are allowed to run in the Derby, the Oaks is entirely fillies. And Rachel Alexandra is gorgeous.

She stood there like a perfect model, not the least bit phased by the crowd or of the photographers. When they opened the gates for more training, Rachel Alexandra held her head up high, pranced into the track, ran a happy and leisurely two miles, and sauntered back to the stables. I'd say to bet on her, but the odds are 3-5. You'll probably win 20 cents or something.

Anyway ... what else is on my plate this week?

Tonight, I'm playing with Shannon Lawson at the Monkey Wrench, of course. I WILL see you there, yes?

Friday night -- Derby Eve -- is the big day in Louisville. The bars are open all night long ... no last call. Tourists and locals alike parade all around the city, partying just because they can.

Of course, the best thing to do on Oaks Night/ Derby Eve is to crash a party. There are plenty of Gatsby Parties going on into the wee hours of the night, some with massive ticket prices, and some with bouncers, and some with free-for-all attitudes.

Last year, I went to the Mint Jubilee and played some piano with my pal Peter Searcy. Red carpet entrance and lots of smiles.

This year ... I'm going to the big party. The one everyone wants to go to ... the Oscars of the Kentucky Derby.

Yep, I'm singing a couple of my tunes at the Barnstable-Brown Gala. I may devote an entire blog on this tomorrow, but I can't keep this a secret much longer.

Must prepare outfit. Yes!!

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