Sunday, April 26, 2009

Derby Week: Monday

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. On purpose. Then I went to Churchill Downs. A friend of mine has horses, and he's allowed to bring people to the backside of the track to watch the horses train.

It's a glorious thing, watching the sun rise from the clock tower as you watch Derby horses (they wear golden silks) and Oaks horses (they wear pink because girl horses like pink, I guess) run past the 19th century Twin Spires. Everyone there is a horse racing enthusiast. They know the trainers' names, how the horses looked yesterday morning compared to today, and which horses to watch.

I asked Tim how he could tell when a horse looked good, and he looked at me oddly. Apparently, it's just like anyone. If they run kinda funny (I run funny), they that's no good. And itf it looks easy for them and they look like unicorns galloping down a pasture, then that's a good horse.

So I am now a horse expert. I like Hold Me Back for the Derby and Nan for the Oaks. Mainly because those are the two horses I watched run this morning.

Then I went to the media tent and found the doughnuts. Beautiful morning!

Tonight's fun Derby Activity of the Day is: The Bed Races.

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