Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Caffeine, I told you it was over, now please leave me alone.

I can't sleep. It is terrible. I have woken up at 3:44 am pretty much every day for a week now. I've managed to fall back asleep every other day, but I'm up and ready to go running right now. Well, maybe not running, but ...

What does one do at 4-5 am when one cannot fall asleep? If it were six o'clock, I might consider getting started for the day, but it seems far too early for that.

Usually, I write when something like this happens, but I've decided to blog instead to try to figure out what all I could do.

I could play the guitar, but I'd wake my roommates.

I could finish cooking this pot of amazing cuban frijoles negros that I started yesterday, but the smell would wake them as well. And we can't have them drifting down the stairs like a cartoon character to steal an apple pie.

I suppose I could read, but I left the book I'm about to finish at someone else's house.

I'm going to try lying down on the couch and see if I can fall asleep here.

I have some sleeping pills I suppose I could take, but I keep them on hand for when I have a migraine. I am hesitant to take one unprovoked. Plus, it seems so dramatic to take a sleeping pill.

I think the coffee shop just opened. Maybe I'll wander over there and see what kind of person goes to the coffeeshop at 6am. Is anyone out? Do I have anything in common with the person who ventures out at 6 am on a night that isn't Derby night? Or who doesn't live in Vegas?

I blame that pot of Earl Grey I drank this afternoon while trying to imagine I was in England. Stupid caffeine. We broke up years ago, but every so often you sneak back into my life without my even noticing.

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