Friday, April 3, 2009

Brigid Appleseed.

Some might call me the devil. That's okay with me. I think those people are boring. It's not their fault, and I pity them.

While Friend-who-cooks-pancakes and I were planting our community garden a few days ago, we decided that I am, in general, a seed-planter. Literally and figuratively.

To many of my friends, it's a big personality flaw of mine. But to me, it's just how I operate. I like to suggest -- not to intimate subtly, but to loudly suggest -- that people do things. Like the little devil on my friends' shoulders (note the plural possessive), I whisper things like, "Come on! You know you want to do it ... go ahead ... make it happen," into their awaiting ears.

Examples include: Michael and his Magic Shirt. A double-feature blog from Nashville, circa November 2007. I convinced Michael that he absolutely needed to purchase this slightly expensive, but absolutely perfect Gunfighter Western Shirt from Katy K's. When he bought it, his whole attitude changed. He became the Guy-With-the-Awesome-Shirt.

I've also been known to tell Friends-who-should-maybe-hook-up-with-each-other that they like each other. Then I'd watch the romance blossom from afar.

When Friend-who-now-works-in-radio was wishing he was a DJ, I talked him into calling the radio station of his choice and asking for a job. He now hosts his own show.

I don't want to actually take credit for any of this. The whole point is that they actually did all this stuff themselves. I just planted the seeds. That's what I do. Plant seeds. But I'm very bad about watering and weeding. That's up to someone else. (Friend-who-cooks-pancakes, I hope you're watering our seedlings.) Okay, metaphor completed.

Anyway, I'm offering services today. If you need any seeds sowed, let me know. I'll talk you into doing it. If you need that little extra push to do something that most of your friends think you're crazy for even considering ... drop me a line. I'm your girl. Nothing is crazy to me. Except maybe not doing what you want to do. That's just dumb.

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