Sunday, March 1, 2009

Week in Review (3.1)

Blogging from my phone, so pardon the typos. It's been av eventful week in blog. I've offended runners, Christians, sweet tart lovers, and more. But it's a record week for views and comments. I'll TTY to be offensive all the time.

Allison - Yes, your comment on running reads like a Televangelist, especially with all the smiley faces.

Steve, I do red to try Bikram yoga. You're on to something about the running-cycling-swimming connections.

Bard - Always exit the pool at the first sign of thunder.

Teresa - I owe you a longer response, but thanks for the almond tip.

Mia- so envious of life inVegas! I need to play a show there.

Robert - "I stay in shape by running from Evangelicals!" ha!!

Rob - holy Saturday, Batman! ( sorry) Appreciate your educated preacher info

Jonathan - I knew I couldn't be the only one to not know about the ashes.

Rex- Your Easter pun was perfect. Nicely played.
Mia-Im doing the photo thing. Join in if you like! Mine are not good. I'll post on flickr so eday

Michael advent.. I didn't know about that til college when I babysat for a rich girl with a fancy advent calendar.
Bard-Yeah what's Maundy all about anyway?

Rob/Muckrakers -if only Stephen Sondheim would teach Sunday School, we'd be in heaven.

Chuck - Ohio Valley spring, here we come.

Miss Rainbow-- Perfec names! I shall name my Lavender after you. I like the list.

Mick - Thank you for the sweet sweet comment!

Cari, Audrey Don, Bard, Trees- I'm so glad you enjoyed my crazy, wacky, juggle blogs. I'm here for your entertainment. Seriously. Daily smiles.

Rob - whoah, GREAT quote about shoes, a a very fancy punctuation.

Jim - "special feet" is a nice euphemism.

Chuck - yep, 4E. I have square feet.
Daniel - we can still be friends. Keep me posted on comet sightings. I'm up for skywatching.

Trees- Treadi g water is a hard thing to learn An Olympic size hot tub is straight out of my dreams.

Rob - thanks again for the wise words. I'm going to show up at your church to hear a sermon from you sometime. I promise to behave.

Karen - "self-righteous nimrod" = perfect!!

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