Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Review (Yes, I have my days mixed up.)

So remember how I was the kid who had Perfect Attendance from Kindergarten through 12th Grade? I always wondered what it would have been like to skip school, just once.

I missed a day of blog yesterday. And I don't really feel all that badly about it. I had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I'd forgotten to blog. Then, I remembered, it's just a blog. I felt a little guilty that maybe Rainbow Mud had forgotten to take her vitamins, and if she gets sick, it's totally my fault. Sorry. Explanations later, reviews now.

* Daniel - You are totally right about my weakening my immune system. I'm not sick yet though, so I'm going to assume it passed the challenge.

* Tom - Awwww, thanks. I really don't think my frozen hair was pretty though, but it was fun to crunch.

* Bard - Hypothermia? Never! You're right though. I don't live far from the pool. But wait, are you trying to figure out where I live? Hmmmm ... I should be careful around you...

* Mia -- yes, you're right. Writing songs about people is a lot more subtle. It's funny too because no one ever figures it out when I write about a particular person. They always assume the songs that have nothing to do with them are about them. Blogs are way more blatant.

* Cari -- ah, Urban Dictionary. I've had many a jolly afternoon looking at definitions there.

* Kenny -- a song about Pi would be a loooooooong song. Maybe never-ending.

* Teresa -- Ha ha, yes, that was a bit of a rambling blog, eh? Full of non-sequitors that make total sense to me. Maybe i'm insane.

* Christi - If I yodeled Pi on the way to Texas, I'd be strangled by Texarkana. (Texarkana).

* Chris -- I'm so glad you enjoy my tangents. Luckily, I do too. So easily amused, am I!

* Bard -- Yep, I love a good pun or linguistic fact.

* Paul - A Pink Pecan Pattie? I obviously have much to learn about Texas.

* Trees -- I'll show you the left hand parts to those songs someday.

* Jim -- Hilarious. Yes, they totally know the difference between a G and a D chord:)

* Tom - Apparently, he overslept in Nashville and couldn't make it in time.

* Phil -- I'd love to see those photos! What a really fun afternoon. Next time, we'll make Laura sing more.

* Allison -- had no idea I played "The Immigrant Song" there. And that was a Dry Show. Maybe i just have memory issues.

Sorry the day off yesterday. I'm going to just say that it's Lent, and you're supposed to take Sundays off, right?

See you tomorrow, my pretties.

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