Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Review (3.15)

My Pi Day was spent on the road, but when I arrived in Texas ... there was PIE awaiting me. A Derby Pie™, homemade by my BFF in Austin, for whom I am housesitting.

I want to blog about my fun day in Austin, but today is review day. I'm about to head back out for some more Austin fun anyway. You'll have to come back tomorrow for chips-n-salsa and Taco Cabana and Mexican Martinis and gospel brunch updates.

Karen -- Yep, skipping school and just about everything else (excepting bill collectors and health care premiums) is awesome about being a grownup. Thanks for the CMT link. I remember you telling me about that friend of yours.

Alex -- I saw it three times in the theaters. Maybe four. I'm okay with that.

Kenny -- That's an excellent fact. But is that another lie?

KellyG -- Austin on Sunday! I'm behind in my blog reading and MySpace messages from all my traveling. Have I missed you?

Mia -- I need to come visit you in Vegas sometime. I think we'd have some fun.

Marty -- I actually kinda felt bad for Syracuse when Louisville beat them last night because that UCONN game was so killer. But not too bad. And seriously, the Creation Museum is amazing. I went about two years ago. Frightening, but totally entertaining. Like a bad horror film.

Liz -- I didn't even have a Shiner. I got Taco Cabana and crashed early. That's another story. Hmmmmmm.... Taco Cabana.

Okay, off for more Austin adventures!


p.s. Louisville's #1 !!

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