Saturday, March 14, 2009

Road Trip to Texas: Day One

Another mobile blog, but don't worry --- I'm not actually driving. My chaffeur is behind the wheel of a Texas-sized-Truck, just the way one should travel in Texas.

We left Louisville at 5am, and I played in Cincinnati the night before. I'm still tired, so I figured I'd get this blog started before I pass out. Austin is 31 miles away. Right around 15hours of travel time. Here are some fun statistics;

Miles traveled today: 1040
Number of pit stops: 3 (Nashville, Memphis, Texarkana)
Number of footsteps taken in Arkansas: 0
CrackerBarrels passed: 15
Jesus billboards seen: 13 (my favorite "warning: prepare to meet God!!!")
Adult bookstores: 13
Roadkill: 11 (only one armadillo so far)
Plastic dinosaurs with zebra stripes: 1
Zebras: 0
Obama bumper stickers: 1 (but hey we're still 23 miles outside Austin)
Puppies walking in the shoulder of the highway: 2
Tow truck towing another tow truck: 1
Smart cars: 2

And our favorite game:
Number of USA flags : 42
Number of Texas flags: 125

MPG of the truck: 18
Ok, so I should be in a Prius. Or at least a '91 Honda Civic. But come on, it's TEXAS! The truck rocks.

I'm gonna go check in, unload, and head out for a Shinerbock and a taco. Tomorrow morning, come to Marias Taco Express around 12:30. I'm sitting in with Guy Forsyth for a few tunes. Rock!

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