Saturday, March 7, 2009

Live Lunch archives

I was going to save this for the Sunday review, but a bunch of you asked for the link.

Yesterday's impromptu Live Lunch was neither recorded nor broadcast, but I've actually played on at least eleven Live Lunch programs, maybe more. Most of those were as a backup singer or a member of another band. But I played a full hour with my band last summer, and you can hear it in the wonderful Archives:

It's not one of the video ones though, so scroll through the list down to May 9, 2008: Brigid Kaelin Band.

The entire archive is a treasure chest of live performances by loads of artists, national, local, and in between.

I'm also having flashbacks to the day I played that Live Lunch. I hadn't slept in days because I was high on my show with Elvis Costello. I remember being giggly, goofy, and having so much fun. The interview portion is hilarious. It's also the only recording of me yodeling "The Immigrant Song," right around 50 minutes into the broadcast. Like always, I guess. Actually, I've been out late and up early the past few days, so I'm feeling a little silly now too.

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