Monday, March 23, 2009

The Amazing Breakfast Taco.

I go through phases in my life where I stop eating eggs. Then I remember that cookies have eggs. Occasionally, I'll enjoy vegan cookies, which are delicious, but sometimes I just want classic chocolate chip.

Which brings me to eggs. I don't really like the idea of eating eggs. It's gross to me, but lately, I've been on an egg-eating kick. I was on one of these egg-eating kicks whilst in Texas.


I've had breakfast burritos before. Lynn's Paradise Cafe has a killer one, when I feel like spending the $10+ on a breakfast entree (which becomes $30 easily when you add on a couple of their over-the-top Bloody Marys). But I never really crave the breakfast burrito, not like I crave French Toast on Challah Bread or a fried egg sandwich.

But I don't think a day passed in Austin this past week where I did wake up absolutely mad for a breakfast taco.

Day One, Chaffeur and I headed out in search of a cool little coffeeshop to relax. We found the perfect one, Summermoon on South 1st St, and ordered a potato & egg breakfast taco. Alas! They were out of potato & egg, and the only one left was cilantro pesto & egg. We said we'd share it.

It was phenomenal. Cilantro pesto! Not basil pesto, which is also amazing, but cilantro. Delicate in flavor, it was the perfect complement to the moist scrambled eggs and flour tortilla. We added a bit of salsa and decided at that moment to return to Summermoon every day that week for more cilantro pesto.

We pretty much did, although we were only successful in procuring the cilantro variety three times. But I ate a breakfast taco/burrito everyday. And I can't stop. I want every meal to be a taco.

I arrived back in Louisville at 2 am. I skipped breakfast this morning, so upset was I at the prospect of oatmeal or a bagel. At 10 am, I went to Whole Foods and purchased various ingredients to make my own cilantro pesto. I'm on the quest for the perfect recipe. I will share.

Warning: This might turn into a series of blogs about Austin restaurants. I'm kind of obssessed with restaurants.

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