Friday, February 13, 2009

Wherein Brigid gets excited about a show in September.

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I am giddy with excitement about 2009. Today isn't a topical blog. I'm just writing about some of the exciting news I've gotten lately.

I've got several festivals lined up for the summer around the US and tentative festivals in Europe.

And the show I'm over-the-moon about is: I was offered a showcase at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville in September. This is extremely exciting for me because I always attend this conference, but have never played it. Everyone I've ever seen there has been on a label and has had a big staff of folks helping them book shows and manage publicity. That they asked l'il ol' me to play is a HUGE deal for me.

Indulge me a bit as I indulge myself. I was the first of the artists to be announced, so I can't say who else will be playing. But I can tell you that over the last few years at the AMA's, I've seen The Avett Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Buddy Miller, Scott Miller, Kim Richey, Jim Lauderdale, and of course many lesser-knowns-than-them, but much more-known-than-I.

If you're a lover of Americana music, then I suggest attending the conference in September. Or at least consider becoming a member of the Americana Music Association. They do good things for the world of music, and apparently, they are not afraid to let a completely independent artist play their conference.

And I guess it helps to have a quote from Garrison Keillor on your press kit...

See you tonight at The Monkey Wrench in Louisville for my last local show for a while. I'm touring a bit and working on some other projects. Our opener for tonight's show is Thomas A. Minor and the Picket Line (also known as Will Oldham's backing band). $7. 9:00. 21+.


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