Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week-in-Review (2.15)

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It's a lovely morning in Nashville, Tennessee. I cranked up some Willie Nelson, and I was off on the road again. Even if it's just a one-off in Nashville, it was that same great feeling of splittin' town to sing some songs. More on last night's show tomorrow. It's time for some review.

* As for the EP, there may be some copies available online. I still haven't really sorted through the merch box from Friday's show. It was a little wild. I'm sure I'll post something if we have any copies left to get rid of.

* I'll make sure not to get the red Snuggie. Although, do you think maybe if I got the red Snuggie AND the red cowboy boots, I would look less like a Satanist? And more just like a fun party animal? As for peeing in the Snuggie, it might take a bit more than oxycontin to get me to try that.

* You're right, Mia ... if she uses AutoTune, we may all be in trouble.

* Don, yes yes yes, weren't those acoustics simply divine? Thanks for introducing yourself. We've moved from 2D to 3D. Sweet.

* Jaywalkers ... you are absolutely right. I think some engineers get bored when they just push record, so maybe it's very exciting to correct pitch. Who am I to judge?

* I LOVE the idea of a steroid baseball league. That would be awesome, and I might actually go. I wonder if they could also have two separate Grammy awards ... one for non-auto-tuners and one for auto-tuners. Maybe at the Steroid Baseball League, only Auto-Tuner musicians are allowed to sing the national anthem, and vice versa. Brilliant.

* Hmmm .. the Lincoln Lyrics blog was apparently not nearly as amusing to you as it was to me. Perhaps I should keep my love of presidential trivia to myself. Just wait until Chester Arthur's birthday, folks.

* Wayne, I'm dreaming about Australia daily. Obsessed with festivals there next February. I cannot deal with this cold. The plan is now: constant summer. The hemispheres will work in my favor.

* I wish I was announcing an H2T gig in England! Let's work on that. I miss driving on the left.

* Thanks, CT. Looking forward to hearing you play out soon. Keep me posted.

* Cari, you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. It was really grand. And hey ... did you cut your hair? How are you feeling? Tell me tell me tell me.

* Thanks for all your help, Allison.

* Teresa ... nice!! 15... my target demographic. Tell him hello. Glad y'all enjoyed the show.

Ok, I'm hungry, and I want to go to the Noshville counter. But my Noshville BFF will not be there because it's Sunday. Hmpf. (Call you later ... take your vitamins...)

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