Monday, February 16, 2009

Squeezebox the Conquerer. (And discount concert tickets)

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I think I'm just about recovered from the weekend of shows. The Nashville one was a packed house, but still very low-key. The Louisville show at the Monkey Wrench was a crowded house with absurd amounts of energy. I'm told we played a second set, but I honestly don't remember much about it. Note to self: a few stolen french fries and nachos does not a dinner make. Eat before you play.

A friend was kind enough to post some photos of the show. The surprise guest on violin was Miss Cheyenne, whom some of you may have seen play fiddle and sing with Will Oldham. (Or Bonnie Prince Billie as he seems to go by on occasion. How did that happen anyway? He's not particularly "bonnie" as in the lochs of Scotland are "bonnie." Maybe I'll adopt a Royal Moniker, perhaps Brigid the Fortunate or The Young Chevalier. Is there a website where instead of discovering your ninja or pirate name, you figure out your Royal Nickname by using the second letter of your mother's maiden name and the street where you had your first apartment? Hmmmm... something to ponder.)

Enjoy the photos below, and scroll down for a special offer for discount tickets to see Brandi Carlisle and Sondra Lerche this coming Saturday (Feb 21) in Louisville. I'll be there, not singing or playing, just enjoying a cool show where the Louisville Orchestra is playing with two songwriters. Cool stuff. Say hi if you see me there. I may bring a few of the extra New Depression EP's and give them away if you smile real nice.

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