Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Depression.

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I'm really excited about playing a show on Friday with my good friend Shannon Lawson. Yes, I know it seems like we've played a lot together lately, but it's because I think we're both stoked about doing something a little different. He lives in Nashville, and I don't see him often. When he comes to Louisville to visit family, he does a show. I usually end up playing because that's just what I do.

Last week, as you may remember, he came up to write some songs, when the Snowpocalypse arrived. Being snowed in without heat or electricity got us to thinking about back when times were really tough and how things are getting more and more tough for people every day. And as we lived like hobos last week, depending on the kindness of both friends and strangers, we wrote a lot of old-timey songs. We laughed a lot and decided it was a "New Depression" we were going through. And hey, isn't that a great little name for a duo...

Ever since he sang a duet on my latest record ("One More Last Kiss" available on iTunes), a lot of people have asked me when we were going to make a duo record. I honestly didn't see that ever happening, but we got to talking about it during the Ice Storm. We've both got some big plans for our individual careers over the coming year (at least I do -- and he should), so it seemed like a good time to just make a record together before we get swamped with other things. A duo project seemed like a nice chance to write music that's a little different than what I usually do, and I surprisingly enjoyed the collaboration aspect.

The record isn't finished, but because of the volume of requests I've gotten from my blog-readers to hear our new songs soon, we've decided to do something a little different. Isn't it nice to not have to wait on a record label? In the spirit of independent music that's driven by music lovers and appreciators like yourselves, we're offering a limited-edition EP of some of our new songs. They weren't recorded in a fancy shiny studio, but the EP is a nice one-of-a-king preview of what we're working on.

We'll be playing on Friday, February 13th, at The Monkey Wrench in Louisville, Kentucky. We'll have the limited-run CD's available there. We're calling it a "CD Preview Party" for our little duo, The New Depression.

Stephen Couch (of The Betweeners) will be opening at 9:00. He's one of my favorite songwriters and players in Americana music. It's a $7 admission. The EP's will probably be $5 or $6 depending on how much the printing runs us.

Friday Feb 13th in Louisville: Brigid Kaelin & Shannon Lawson
Saturday Feb 14th in Nashville: I'm back to doing my own thing ... playing a solo set right before David Mead plays a full band set. At The Basement. $7, i think. Call them for time. It starts at either 8 or 9.

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