Friday, January 30, 2009

A Parlour Piano and the Donner Party

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My faithful blog readers know that my survival skills are limited and that I would not survive a zombie war. The past few days have proven that I rely heavily on my MacGyver-like friends who have taught me things such as: wearing plastic bags around my shoes to keep them from getting wet. (I don't own snowboots.)

It was bizarre timing for a week of songwriting. Shannon Lawson and I have been trouncing through the streets in our double-bagged cowboy boots, scurrying from shelter to shelter, writing songs as we go. We've got the essentials: a guitar, a fiddle, a laptop, an accordion, and everything we need to make nachos.

Last night we ended up at Peter's house. Peter, as in Peter Searcy. He and his lovely wife were hosting a few other vagabonds, so we thought we'd impose a little. We arrived just in time to find Peter whipping up a Thai peanut vegetable stir-fry (mmmmmm).

Then we were transported back in time a hundred years when I found Peter's grand piano. I sat down, opened up a songbook from the 70's, and everyone stood around the piano and sang along. Imagine me on piano, and Peter Searcy and Shannon Lawson grabbing guitars singing "American Pie" and "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" in three-part harmony. And yes, we sang every single verse to "American Pie." It was unbelievably fun, and we must have sang and laughed and entertained each other for hours.

So it turns out that my survival skills aren't really all that bad. I can't start a fire, but I can entertain and keep people from turning into cannibals. (And the nachos were pretty great too.)

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