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Me, as a murder victim. Creeeeepy.

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In May of 1996, I announced my decision to attend New York University. Most of my friends were excited about making their escapes from Kentucky, so they were happy to hear I was NYC-bound.

The next day in school, I was bombarded with, "You can't go to NYU! You're going to form a prostitution ring and be murdered!"

I thought that was pretty weird, but really not that weird. My relatives were worried about all kinds dangers I'd face in The City. It was just odd that so many different people were telling me the exact same plot: that to earn money at NYU, I'd be forced to become a Lady of the Night and would subsequently be murdered.

It turns out that everyone I knew had watched Law & Order* that night. And in a huge coincidence (maybe), the episode was about a college student at some fictional New York City university had indeed become a hooker and was murdered. The victim's name? "Bridget Kaylin."

No joke.

I never saw that episode, but every six months or so for the past twelve years, someone calls me and says, "Dude! I was watching reruns of Law & Order, and you'll never believe this, but the victim was Brigid Kaelin! They said 'Brigid Kaelin' repeatedly all through the show!"

Believe it or not, I've never sat through an entire episode of Law & Order. That could be because I have trouble sitting still for any length of time, or more likely, that I just don't really get into crime dramas.

Today, however, someone actually had the forethought to call me and tell me the episode was on TNT at that very moment. (Why has no one done this before?) I watched it, and it was really really really bizarre to hear them saying, "Admit it! You murdered Brigid Kaelin!" or "You were having an affair with Brigid Kaelin!"

Neither one of my names is particularly common. I think the screenwriters probably took that year's list of NYU's matriculates, and borrowed the one from Kentucky's name so-as to frighten her away. Obviously. Too bad she doesn't watch Law & Order. Maybe if she had been a Saved by the Bell character or something, I would have gone to Northwestern instead.

Thanks to my Uncle Billy for letting me know it was on. It was nice to finally see it.

* Link to Law & Order episode #6.20: "Girlfriends"

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