Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life as a hobo.

Category: Music
I stopped by my house this afternoon to get my instruments out of the cold, and the thermostat read "41 degrees." The power is still out, and there's no sign of them fixing all the downed power lines any time soon.

Apparently, over 600,000 Kentuckians are without power. I am one of them.

My songwriting partner and I (who came up from Nashville to write with me this week), and I have been traveling around crashing on couches, writing a song when our fingers warmed up enough to make a G-chord.

That's all I've got today. It's really getting to Armageddon-land on my street though. My house is empty. The neighbors have taken their valuables and left their homes. As have I. Kind of scary, but I'm still enjoying the adventure. I'm lucky to have Twitter on my phone and friends who can update when they have power. What are the old people doing? Being very very cold and sitting in the dark, I guess.

Wrote a song yesterday, recorded it on a laptop, and emailed it to the radio station. They played it. Cool.

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