Monday, January 26, 2009

Commitment and the Chinese New Year.

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Ok. I mentioned that I'd wanted to borrow a New Year's Resolution from Rob of The Muckrakers (sounds like an ancient fanciful name, like Helen of Troy or Jesus of Nazareth): to write a blog a day.

Then I remembered that I don't do New Year's Resolutions. And then I read Rob's blog on Sunday, and he suggested that I take up the blog-a-day challenge.

I'm working on being less flighty and more sturdy, so this will be my big commitment for the year.

Of course, I missed January 1, and the Jewish New Year isn't until fall. But lucky me: today is Chinese New Year. What's more sturdy than an Ox?

I'm going to write some sort of blog every day in the Year of the Ox. Join me, if you will.

Here's the link to the A Prairie Home Companion (note that the oft-omitted article "A" is part of the title) program:, if you missed it.

This week's reminder: Louisville show on Saturday January 31. With none other than The Muckrakers. At Gerstle's. I'm starting at 9:00. You know I will.


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