Sunday, July 20, 2008

Advice wanted: British history, novels, movies, blogs...

Advice wanted: British history, novels, movies, blogs...
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Despite the gravity of my last blog, I've been in really high spirits since I wrote it. Writing is a great way of purging, and frankly, I don't understand how people who dont' write are able to get over anything.

I also called a good friend the morning after "the incident," looking for a shoulder or advice or something. Actually, I probably wasn't looking for advice. I tend to -- like many folks i know -- just want someone to complain to who will respond, "Yes, that sucks." When someone offers advice, i tend to not want to hear it. But this was GRAND advice. He told me to go home and do some sort of mindless household project. So i finishing scraping wallpaper in my dining room, and spackled, and sanded, and primed most of it. I blasted Gram Parsons and Carole King the entire time and i felt great afterwards. (Except for my fingers -- they are aching and in desperate need of a massage.) I just needed to do something that had a definitive ending because in the music business, nothing is ever actually completed. It felt really good to see results.

Anyway, that's not what this blog is about ...

I'm currently absolutely obsessed with my October tour of the UK. When i go on a trip -- and you can ask any of the bands I tour with -- I am the one who goes to Triple A, gets guidebooks, triptychs, maps, etc. I hit the library hard and get all the best travel books.

When I go overseas, it's much much worse. I want to watch movies set there. I want to read classic novels written by natives. I want to read historical fiction. I want to read straight-up history books. I want to learn the language (i've gotten really good at "English" so i think i'm set for this one).

So I'm asking for your suggestions.

Peter Searcy and I are touring England and Scotland in October. What should we read?

I'll be honest and tell you I prefer historical fiction these days over pure history books. I'm a history buff, but I'm in a novel rut right now. But if you've got any killer non-fiction suggestions, I'm in.

I'm also not really feeling the war books these days. Maybe i'm just feeling extra girly, and would prefer stories of Anne Boleyn and Unicorns over naval histories. Oh, I don't even care. Sure, I admit it: give me a princess over a gun anyday. But then, maybe Peter is not really feeling the princess-vibe, so if you've got a great war story -- especially one about zombies -- let me hear about it.

Post your suggestions on here! Is The Mists of Avalon really as great as I thought it was in high school? I want to re-read it, but there must be a million others I'm missing ...

Give me some homework, people!!

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