Monday, June 9, 2008

The Past Week’s Adventures

The sensational drummer Paul Culligan -- a good friend too, except that he can never spell my name properly -- picked me up last week to head out on the road with Days of the New. He brought every drum he's ever owned, so there was very little room in the car. But my accordion made it safely.

I don't have any wild stories, though things certainly seemed wild.

Two vans broke down. There were several rental cars involved. Lots of hotels. A late-night escapade to the gated-in hotel hot tub. We were busted, but not until much later in the evening when the hotel clerk said, "I saw you in the hot tub." He apparently didn't care. Either that, or he appreciated our ninja-like moves.

I DID see another boob, this time in Clarksville, Tennessee. A nice woman asked me to sign hers, then she asked some other band members, and it just popped out at some point. And yes, I caught it on video, but I won't be posting it. Sorry.

I have been taking oodles of video lately, but haven't had the time to edit it into anything exciting. Maybe I'll make a huge behind-the-scenes for a DVD-extra release.

Played a fun show at Lakeside yesterday with my band. It was 95 degrees, and we were at a swimming pool, so I played the whole show in my swimsuit. And swam during my break. I was able to pull off an inward from the high dive, purely from muscle memory. I figured I'd try it. If i busted my head, it would be a hell of a way to go. "She died during intermission," would've been the family joke. My mom was born during intermission (True story -- her dad was a trumpet player, went to the hospital for the birth between sets, then went back to the gig for the 2nd set.)

I thought the Days of the New shows went well. There's already some YouTube footage from fans of Days of the New. Check out how I played the English horn parts on the accordion. magic!

Tonight I'm playing with the Big Band again .. singing some Doris Day, some Judy Garland, some Gershwin ... good times!
Back on the road with Days this weekend. Chicago, Detroit, Toledo. Forward ho!

And now for a pirate joke:
What did the pirate say to the prostitute in the echo chamber?
YO HO Ho (ho ho ho...)

hee hee

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