Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My love life.

My love life.
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Got your attention, did I?

I have been single for about two years now. This is not an advertisement. I absolutely love it.

One of my favorite parts about being single is that I feel no guilt when I tour. I never have to call home, or tell anyone where I am. My Mom is MySpace savvy and she can check my tour schedule, or my status if she's really feeling saucy. My adorable, sweet, and huge dog, Guinness, is tucked away safely at Chez Kaelin (thanks, parents), where he gets to sleep in a king-size bed, eat people-food, and play frisbee with my dad and George. He's even got his own wading pool over there. It's to the point where he goes on a hunger strike if I bring him back to my house.

Anyway, I've been on the road a lot lately and have had many adventures.

Let me share!

I was in Nashville briefly on Tuesday and Wednesday, where I hung out with some business friends, who also happen to be personal friends. I ate at the Noshville with Gina, sans Megan. I had a dream meeting at one of my favorite record labels. No worries, I'm not signing with anyone; I still have every intention of staying independent. It was just so cool to meet the folks there.

I drove back to Louisville just in time to catch Back Door Slam playing a show at Waterfront Wednesday. Their tour manager is a great friend of mine, and I think the guys in the band are pretty excellent dudes as well. They are 20 years old i think, and from the Isle of Man, (where the cats have no tails!) but Dave plays guitar like Jimi Hendrix. It's straight-up blues-rock, but it's pretty awesome to watch.

Anyway, I stayed out far too late, considering I had a 6am flight to Philly the next day.

Adam Brodsky picked me up at the strangely confusing Philly airport, and we went directly to breakfast at the Morning Glory diner. Delicious!

Then Señor Brodsky took me on a walking tour of Independence Square and the surrounding areas. I'm a total history nerd, so I loved seeing where Dolly Madison lived, and where the Declaration of Independence was read. Adam pointed out that the Declaration of Independence is really the best break-up letter ever. "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to break up with you, you crazy crazy country, then you just simply have to. And here are all the reasons why."

I was rather disappointed by the Liberty Bell, being all cooped up behind a glass building. I mean, it's already cracked, so what's the problem with keeping it outside?

We explored an old cemetery -- i love old cemeteries -- and talked to a gravedigger. Well, really he was a conservastionist, and not at all a gravedigger, but gravedigger is much more exciting. He was digging up an old sunken tomb and raising it back to ground level.

So all this was done on foot by about 11am. I wandered over to the World Cafe, where I ran into Miss Laura Shine and lots of other folks I knew from "the biz," shall we say. Running on lack-of-sleep and adrenaline, I basically ran around all afternoon catching up with friends and making new ones. I love radio conferences! Plus the music is great ... I danced my booty off to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and drank weird "Non Comm-tinis" at the World Cafe.

I was only in Philly for a day before I had to catch a plane to Chicago. But I caught up with the Back Door Slam crew again in Philly for a brief hug and hello. Then... a train to the airport and a plane to :

Peter Searcy picked me up at O'Hare, with amazingly good timing. I mean, isn't it the biggest airport in the country? And he arrives at the EXACT moment that I step onto the passenger pickup? That's why we're pals.

We played at "The Lodge," a strange club in Lisle, one of the 'burbs. There was a ski hill there, a moose above the fireplace, and a flock of Jack Daniel's girls. You know the ones ... the wear incredibly small shirts and skirts and are always blond.

Peter and I played a kick-ass acoustic set and Seven Mary Three followed with a kick-ass rock set. And a brief acoustic set in the middle, where I played accordion and piano with them.

May I return to the subject of my love life now? Is it possible to have a crush on a band as a whole? Because I have a composite crush on Seven Mary Three. Hi boys, I know you're probably reading this, so now you know. I had 7M3 withdrawal on Sunday as Peter and I left Toledo, and I discovered this dark secret. I wish you had little TigerBeat lunchboxes that I could buy with your faces on it ... you know the ones that say things like, "Casey's my favorite!" or "Tommy's favorite color is red!"

But seriously, if you haven't heard their new record, go listen. It's really beautiful Americana-rock, and there are some really fantastic songs. Right now my favorite is "Break the Spell," because it's been stuck in my head since Sunday. "Hammer and Stone" is beeee-yoo-tiful. Their songs are catchy and smart. I mean, really, the band had a Number-1-song-of-the-year with an SAT word in the title. Listen to the record, Day and Nightdriving, and if you're a radio friend of mine, play the record!

Okay, enough. I promise not to act on said crush, boys. I'm a professional here.

In fact, I'm done with musicians. Getting involved with a fellow musician always means disaster somewhere down the road. i prefer to channel my crushes into severe accordion solos. Or at least getting a drummer to carry my keyboard.

Ooh ooh! In Chicago, one of the Jack Daniel's girls decided to take her shirt off and offer her bosom up to Peter and I. Now that's rock'n'roll! When her advances were shockingly denied (i think the direct quote was "no! no! no! no! no! no! no!") she stormed off to take her clothes off for some motorcycle dude. Most of the JD girls were nice, and so was this one, I guess. She just liked to undress a bit. Come to think of it, it was really hot in the club.

Detroit was interesting. The green room was uneventful there. Peter and I found a sweet little Mexican joint, just north of Canada, and followed that up with a round of miniature golf. I lost. Actually, I made a nice comeback and evened up the score right around the giant hippopotamus, but was defeated by the simple straight shot where the hole was on the mound. Peter killed me in that game.

Club Bijou in Toledo was loud, but a nice place. I'll be back there in two weeks with another band. There's a Dejà Vu next door. I've never been to a strip club, so I thought I'd check it out. Unfortunately, it closed right as I walked in. But fortunately, back at the hotel, the most brilliant movie of all time, Showgirls was on cable. That Elizabeth Berkeley is such a good actress.

In Louisville today, but leaving tomorrow night for a weekend run with .... Days of the New. Yes, you heard it here, but I suspect you didn't hear it here first. Rumors abound. They are probably not true. Ask me if you want confirmation on things; I love fact-checking.

In summation:
Boobs seen this week: 1
Composite crushes on bands developed this week: 1
Books read this week: 1 (Water for Elephants)
Cities visited this week: 7


p.s. Go buy my record at earx-tacy! I'm rising back up the charts ... and it would be good to be floating again:)

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