Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A few thoughts

A few thoughts
A few observations.

* Jason at earx-tacy had the best comment on the Elvis story when he likened it to: Batman randomly showing up at his door at midnight and saying, "I need your help for a mission!" Yes, the Batman light definitely appeared in my sky.

* I am amazed by how many people read my blog. I'm also sort of embarassed that people copied and pasted it onto many other websites because I don't want Mr. Costello to think I'm some sort of stalker freak. But I suspect he knows better. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

* I was the subject of a sermon! At a church! A real church. Who would've thought a weird little Jewish-Catholic-Agnostic mutt like me would be inspiration in a church?!? Apparently, I am a good example of moxie. (I think I might title my next record: moxie. What a good word.) Do I get some sort of certificate? or plaque?

* I went to Chicago last weekend and played a little bar. The Ladybirds from Louisville were there the following night, so I left a drink in the well for Sarah. But the surly bartendress never gave it to her. Oh well.

* I took an architectural riverboat cruise, wore lots of sunscreen, but got completely burned on my scalp, where my braids parted. But i know SO much about Chicago history, and I think Captain Kevin, our tour guide, should be a preacher.

* My family-friendly CD Release party was fun. My not-so-family-friendly party will be this Friday at Air Devils Inn. 10:00. Come join the rock.

* I didn't sleep for four days after playing with Elvis Costello. Which made my Live Lunch even more exciting.

* I sold a bunch of CD's at several shows, which made me think no one would buy it from earx-tacy. But i am the 2 seller at earx-tacy this week, just behind Death Cab for Cutie. So apparently, some of you bought it from them. And that is extra cool because it counts for SoundScan and the Nielson ratings. So thanks.

* I voted this morning. In college, I was a political theory/philosophy major. My advisor was a big proponent of abstention. She's right; my vote has never made or broken a race. But for some reason, I still voted. I wish they still gave out those stickers that said, "I voted today." Or at least a gold star.

* I head to Philly next week. Then Chicago. Then Michigan. Then Toledo.

* If you're in Louisville, please buy my CD from earx-tacy. I've got quite a home equity line to pay off. And if I have to foreclose, I'll just move to Nashville, then you'll never see me again.

I'm not feeling particularly creative today. Maybe that's because I'm up to my neck in receipts and bank statements. Today is business Brigid.


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